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What Dies & What Lives:

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Beautiful-rainbows-black-and-white-photography-0h_2-e1364775925956Scribbling at my desk this morning I paused to give careful consideration to what today represented. We have heard The Story often and each time I ponder the sacrifice, the selfless act and The New it represents. Yet on most Resurrection Sunday’s in recent years I have drawn a different message from the messenger.

I started to think of all the moments that I have taken a seat beside “a time” that was pronounced dead trying to bring it back to life because either its all I ever knew…up to that point, or my addiction to a comfort zone had me refusing to give up what has been for The New. We put ‘it’ on life support and invest our efforts to keep it going at any cost. We hear the message of Resurrection Sunday and our hope is fueled to believe that what appears to have died can come back to life. And it can, but not all things that ‘died’ are resurrected or even meant to be, and not all things that appear to be resurrected (at times thanks solely to our efforts), can survive once taken off of life support.

Somethings have served its purpose. Some friendships were only meant to bless our lives for a specific time. Some seasons have ended and some on pause. Some good times have bid us farewell. And we are tempted even more to mourn the burial of a good thing. In every ending we’re told to look for the beginning. In every ‘death’ look for a ‘birth’. It’s not always easy to take this posture when you’re in the thick of things, but when the tears have stopped and our stubborn desires have allowed us to have a clear thought, take that deep honest breathe and hear the truth on whether this ‘thing’ is really to be be given another chance, or the life support has beeped and needs to be unplugged.

We at times mourn the changes we endure in life to the extent that we miss the messages, the laughter in between, the new that bids us hello and all that transpires in the midst. But today lets instead bury the things that weigh us down. The need to be right. The need to keep a score card. The desire to be better than another. The whispers of someone elses business. A bless me nature which neither looks to the left or right to bless a friend or stranger in need. We now put forth that energy into resurrecting our better selves. The purpose for our respective lives. The things that really add to a healthy heart condition and feed the soul.

Behold, I will do a new thing…walk and talk a little differently. Expect more. Cleanse my heart from the residue of what should not be there and leave it open for what is meant to be. Trust boldly. Believe beyond the boundaries of my understanding. See the hope in the light of that which still lives. Sinking my belief in the knowing that as long as I am here, things may fall by the wayside but still standing I move forward to all that is meant to be. What I know for sure (and feel honestly) is dead and meant to stay that way – will remian buried and that which is my future and meant for me I seek. I yearn for the wisdom to know what lives and what dies, well, really the courage to act on the voice of wisdom as truthfully and honestly I already know the answers. Living out loud I say. Its Time to Live Out Loud. Boldly. Fearlessly.

Behold, indeed He will do a new thing, will we show up and join Him?


Author: kayjames

Born Kiesha Natalie James, she writes under the pseudonym Clarke James and presently lives in Toronto, Canada. She is the author of "I Have A Question...Sprinkles of What My Mother & Life Have Taught Me" and her passion for empowering others through writing has lead her to become a guest blogger for Twenty20Something.org - one of the nation's premier leadership development organizations for young women. Additionally she has written for Curvy Magazine and J’Adore Magazine. Follow her on twitter @clarkej and on her personal blog at warmnotes.wordpress.com.

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