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{No Rhyme Or Reason}: Just Thinking Out Loud…

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dangerous mindSo much has happened. So many trials won and struggles turned to triumphs, yet I sit tonite to think not on what has been but on what’s to come. What will tomorrow, next month, next quarter hold? Not from a hurried or scared place but with a little smile of assurance that whatever comes indeed will be great. I know you’re reading this and thinking what planet does this girls brain function on because clearly its not the planet earth that we all live on. But it is.

See, the biggest mistake that troubles and trials and tough times makes is that you live to talk about it. In that story telling whether done verbally or through the snapshots taken of your life, the scenes combined form chapters and each chapter indicative of different parts of your story still being written. Rather than labouring in thought over the how’s and the when and the where, I sit and think of all the times the questions were answered and exceeded what I could ever have thought.

So instead, tonite I focus on being thankful for what has been, what is and what’s to come. I focus on being helpful. Whose dream can I help bring to fruition while I wait on my own to bloom? Who can I help to reach the very heights I am trying to reach? Who can I bless today? Are my blinders on to people I think are okay, or am I stretching myself to help and pray and pour into others who simply work my last nerve? It’s so easy to be kind and patient with those I know and love, but can I equally love and be kind to others who I don’t care for, those who aren’t kind to others, those who dial only when in distress? Those are the moments of truth that help to reveal just how consumed I am by a thing. I remove myself from the seat of judgement. Truthfully, I don’t understand a mean spirit but really that’s me thinking why don’t you think, act or love like me. I simply do not know your story and you owe no one an explanation for who or how you are. I have not walked in your shoes and cannot judge your stride. But tell me, how can I help you along this journey?


Author: kayjames

Born Kiesha Natalie James, she writes under the pseudonym Clarke James and presently lives in Toronto, Canada. She is the author of "I Have A Question...Sprinkles of What My Mother & Life Have Taught Me" and her passion for empowering others through writing has lead her to become a guest blogger for Twenty20Something.org - one of the nation's premier leadership development organizations for young women. Additionally she has written for Curvy Magazine and J’Adore Magazine. Follow her on twitter @clarkej and on her personal blog at warmnotes.wordpress.com.

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