Warm Notes Inc.

Perfect for all of life's moments


Ahhh, sweet thang!

As the name suggests, Sweet Thang is the discussion ground for the little things in life that put a smile on my face…fulfill a crave that soothes any sweet tooth, and of course calorie free eye-candy from time to time. From the latest product find to the next great movie that’s a must see and everything in between, Sweet Thang is home to those precious things in life that ought to be savoured. Along the way we will meet the treats I love to eat, and the way I have found a way to still enjoy them.

If you haven’t figured it out yet I have a serious sweet tooth – not just for  cakes or cookies, but for the decadence that life serves everyday. Join in on the sweet talk as we grow together.

Head ShotBorn out of a love relationship with life, Sweet Thang was created to be that feel good space. Whether battling sugar craves, or fighting against the emotional struggles of the everyday, this place was created to inspire you beyond the moment. We all need a friend or two from time to time.

As CEO of Warm Notes Inc. and author of “I Have A Question…Sprinkles of What My Mother & Life Have Taught Me”, I have been privy to the effects of positive words written on paper. The power they carry transform any situation and when used properly, define moments we simply never forget. You know..that card that we’ve kept for years, or notes from a distant friend or two. Tucked away in that envelope, is a sealed memory.


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