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Foodie Friday: "Like Water For Chocolate"

I remember years ago, on a Friday evening just like this one…cooped up down under as this self-diagnosed-paranoid-annie believed I was having measles for the second time, due to the outbreak in Australia. Surprised? Don’t be. My friends have some great stories of my paranoia kicking in on numerous occasions – but they will never be guest bloggers on here, hence you will never hear their version. Phew! I digress. At the time, the movie “Like Water For Chocolate” was a huge hit there (and yes, that probably ages me), and had my undivided attention – very few things can toot that. For those of you have seen it, not to worry the rest of this post will be kid-friendly.

At the time, I thought it was a sad love story. But every time it comes to mind and depending on what situation brings it to memory, a different lesson comes to mind. The most powerful being the power of love and how it feeds the soul; simply life changing. Yes, for all the sappy readers in blog-land this one is for you, and I guess confirms that I am a hopeless romantic.

I know you wanna know: In the past few weeks, I have been away (please pardon the interruption)..and I use the term awayvery loosely. No I was not working on my tan on South Beach, but rather caught in the midst of closing doors and pushing open the one’s left ajar for me. Six (and if you know me very well, you will know that number is very significant to me) years at one company came to an end, and just like that I would start working for another. Change takes its toll on everyone in different ways, and the night before my last day I woke up at 4am and started to clean everything in site. This could’ve been an indication of early mid-life crisis, but I knew better, it was merely anxiety at the unknown of what lies ahead. (If you find yourself in the position of choosing between the known and comfortable, versus the unknown  potential of your dreams, I say go for it. Take a leap and trust that you will land on your feet, and at worst you will become more confident from having taken a chance).

As they say, timing is everything and in between the end and the beginning, I had already planned a trip ”home” to Atlanta..the place I went to undergrad, home to my many friends and closest confidants, the city that took me from a teenager and matured me into a woman. So many life skills were taught in the ATL, that the Peach State will always have a huge part of my heart.Side Note: The jury is still out on how much I really learned.

Those five days with friends, new friends…and in some cases, friends so close they may as well be family were the richest-most well spent 120 hours I have experienced in a long time. The movie kicks in here, when it shows how we do anything for love: that raw emotion that takes you through life’s leaps and bounds and makes everything we experience worth while. Human connections are priceless, and though our troubles and fears don’t always disappear, having a friend or two, or what feels like an entire city supporting you through it all makes any girl feel like she just won the 50Million Dollar lottery. The trivial arguments that were once “I-will-never-let-you-live this-down” …emphasis on ”never” dissolve over time, not because we are all so forgiving, but really because love is just that powerful and when given room and time it simply expands and takes over. I am simply in love with life’s feel good moments that I believe are best experienced when love is present. No, this is not when I share love notes on how prince charming rode in on his horse and rescued me (and/or use this space to blast everyone who asked me constantly why I was still single at my over 30 panic years..to that I say, everyone stop speeding up my eggs). Rather, I wanted to share how rich my life has been made by my friends and the people who enter my life through whatever wind brings them my way, and for however long. My question for you is, what and who is feeding your life? Do they know how their friendship makes you feel? Have you taken the time to make room for love in your everyday life? I do. Trust me, it keeps things in perspective and is truly contagious. Strangers stop to ask about my glow…friends wonder who is my little secret. My response: There are times when love meets you at the intersection of life and you make the choice to go with the flow and see the beauty in the troubles around you, the people who have at any point entered your life and those everyday miracles that we at times take for granted. My glow is not the latest summer bronzer, but rather my love of life radiating from within.  PS: Blog world, thanks for your support..and know that though we have not met in person, your many notes say that you love what I do, and I am grateful to have you in my corner. Till next time…xo!



Foodie Friday: "Full on A Sweet Thing"

“I woke up this morning and felt a little buzz. I can’t quite describe it, but you know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get from someones voice, a card that sends the warmest greetings, or just simply a cool summer morning as you begin your day…You stop to think ‘where ever this is, I want to  stay here’…who hasn’t found it and wanted to keep it for life?” (Excerpt from “I have a question – Sprinkles of what my mother & life have taught me. Author: Clarke James – my pseudonym).

Those words perfectly describe how I have been feeling lately. Spring started and my appetite for food changed drastically – which may be a great thing, since it has decreased substantially (great head start to my distant six-pack). I have been feeling full on the sweet-calorie-free- things-of-life: great news regarding dreams coming to fruition for my closest friends (shout out to my BFF Gina Gipson over at Make Your Name Great Inc. who is expanding her youth program to Philadelphia this summer (for more details visit www.makeyournamegreat.com), a hunch that change is on the horizon, a secret crush or two budding between flirting friends (don’t hold your breathe – no more details to follow:), and I simply sit and bask in love from my family, friends and life. And I ask, what more could a girl ask for?

Whether in between nursing my paper cuts from opening all the wedding invitations, baby shower invites, or house warming invitations filling my mailbox  (a well needed break from bills, might I add), one thing is for sure: hope and love are truly contagious. I have been flooded with so much great news lately that it has been a great deterrant from worrying about my own ‘tomorrow’ /or even today. At the least, it certainly is a great way to keep me off my personal in-house shrinks brothers couch. I cannot help but be hopeful that the domino effect of  great news will trickle down this way, not just to my house – but to yours as well.

So, as we start a new month I am excited to see what great things will unfold in our lives. Dump the debbie-downer-private-pity-party coat, as it’s so not a good fit and use your energy to crush on the sweet things around you. Get full on everyday miracles evidenced in different aspects of your life – and I am sure that energy will in return attract great things aka your dreams coming to fruition. I can’t wait to hear your own great stories! PS: I probably should apologise for posting this a day late, but in my heart of hearts, I believe it’s right on time for someone who is reading this. Thanks for all the great comments I have received to date about my blog posts. For this new-blogger-hopeful (I know, its more like an on-line diary), you keep me going..xo.

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Welcome to Foodie Friday’s:

If your office is anything like mine, food must run across your thoughts often – as it  is in an abundance all around you. It only takes one colleague to have a thang for baking before a spare table/desk space or two is turned into their own sweet shoppe at work – ugh. ..talk about my weakness. In my case, the “devil” is otherwise known as JJ’s Sweet Shoppe, open 5 days a week, and known for butter tarts, cakes, breads, cookies of any kind, chocolates and most recently home made granola bars. Courtesy of www.breadandbutter.ca – take a peak!

So being surrounded by all this flour got me thinking (which also serves as  a very convenient distraction to avoid indulging in a daily treat)…of some of my own personal favorites from Jamaica,see link foodie friday. Got a favorite dessert or bakery? Do tell.