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{INspired}:Owning Their Power…100 Strong!

forbes-100-most-powerful-women1This is such a beautifully woven tapestry of brains, beauty & chutzpah! Whether you’re celebrating with the entertainers who made the list or the women-in-chief at the helm of major companies or in top government positions, one thing is clearly obvious, as a gender we’ re no longer trying to do it “..just as well as a man can”. We’ve gotten quite comfortable in our own skin and skirt suites and owning our power.

As I read from #1 thru #100, I imagined that contrary to what #14 on the list belts out…for the most part they were not born this way: with a silver spoon in their mouth and simply eased into these positions based solely on a family “inheritance” with no labor involved. When you think about the fact that there are women on this list who are even in their 70’s with no retirement in sight, it rings truth to the statement that when you’ve found your passion, you will never work a day in your life. At that level its simply waking up each day and functioning in the realm of what you know you were born to do.

You can’t help but think of the ‘rags to riches’ stories on the list…we know O’s Aha moment happened many blue moons ago…and J.K. Rowling’s pinched herself  1million times over since her days on welfare and the many times her manuscript was rejected before one ‘yes’. But in their quiet time, when the list for the 100 Most Powerful Women in the world comes out and you’re on the list–is it just me, or do you wonder, how does one digest the magnitude of that ‘title’. But I’m sure with or without the title, these ladies know it. Gisele knows that her strut and fab looks will have her bank an extra $45million just to say “I like that”. I love it!

“…take a potential mentor to lunch..find someone you think is doing it well and not being afraid to ask them about it…Above all, avoid comparing yourself to other people…find what works for you…don’t worry so much”. – Nuggets of wisdom from a few of the best.


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{Totally Inspired By}: You!


Pssst. You over there. Who chose to do a little something different. This year. This month. Today. And did. I’m inspired. Pssst. You on the other side of the room. Who kept on going. Through a season. Through a time. You never knew you could. High Five. You’re still here. I’m inspired. Pssst. Hey Beautiful. You looked in the mirror. And finally saw what I’ve seen all along. Your skin is beautiful. Caramel Frappuccino. Mocha Brown. Dark Chocolate Beauty. Vanilla. Mixed Blends. All hues. Too many and rich to list them all.Your smile and those teeth light up a room. Your curves. Your slim figure. Tall. Short. Medium height.Your stretch marks. Your varicose veins. Your scars. Your acne. All beauty defining marks. Showing an inner glow that sets any soul free. Powerful. In awe. Hair long.  Natural. Curly. Pixie Cut. Locked. Cut all off. Pressed. Permed. Braided. Thick. Thin. Soft. Coarse. Dang. All Beautiful! Pssst. You ahead. Wait up. Speed walking your miles for the day. Journeying to a jog. Legs moving to get to a 5k. You ran a marathon. Walked a few miles you never walked before. I’m cheering you on friend. Keep going. You’ve changed one thing about your food intake. You’ve improved one thing about your health risks. You moved the needle on the scale 1 pound to the left. Hey! You’ve put you on your schedule. And i’m inspired that we’re here together. Turning the corner into the last quarter of 2012. I’m inspired at how you’ll finish the year. I’m inspired to see the mountains we’ll move. I’m believing that the beauty. True beauty of who you really are will continue to shine in the crevices of the dark places that are trying to drown that glow. Your dream is whispering your name. That one. And the other one as well. Wanting a chance at life. They keep nudging you from your sleep. You’ve dreamed me. Now set me free. The alarm has sounded. The appointments are all lined up. I’m. inspired. By. What. Every. Eye. That Reads. This. Will. Achieve. Now. It’s time.

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Inspired by Maya: {Love Liberates}

MayaOld friend, to many I am one of the sweetest people they have ever met…but to you-you the person who knows me up close and personal, mask free and has seen me at my emotional high’s and low’s, you’ve shown me the gift of unconditional love as I kept score.  Life has taught me the relationship system of debits and credits…sowing and reaping…deposits and withdrawals and instead of being set free I became imprisoned by a thought process trained to magnify the minor and minimize the way you feed my soul. But then the tragedy strikes…I cross the line not knowing what the boundaries ever were…I take one last verbal swipe at a time at a thing at a trait that pushes my button of no understanding, and you become no more. You walk away and with a wave I start to see and understand how what I say to people carries with it its own weight. I start to see and understand and acknowlege the magnitude of a thing once shared that opens your senses and takes you to the unfamiliar. The priceless gifts that stirs you to hope…takes you to a little more faith…has you smiling at strangers. Trust in people. Believe in a time to come where things will be as you already spoke them. You mourn the loss of the time when you kept no score. When fear was not at the root trying to protect you from being hurt or give you a false sense of being in control. Instead you just were and you had flung open the gates of your heart and loved because that’s what you felt. That’s what someone evoked in your heart or what you felt they needed.  Carried with you the ear a friend may need to trust. The love a friend may need to feel. The closest glimpse of faith a friend may have access to. But we withdraw it and close the shutters–well, because they don’t feed me or our friendship as I need so I disqualify them and in the process imprison myself. I yearn to get back to the place where “I love to liberate my soul…and not love hoping to be loved”. Wasn’t that time just beautiful? Fights and feuds less? Things less complicated? Friendships healthier? And rather than being tossed left and right by the scorecard and the expectations, things were as carefree as a cool summers night? So I go back to a place where I love as you are and feel my soul open up once again as I loosen the grip being held by expectations or guided by senses calculating the ROI. I yearn for the time when love in its purest most transparent form was simply enough.

Inspired by one of my favourite Maya Angelou pieces:
“I am grateful to have been loved and to be loved now and be able to love, because that liberates. Love liberates. It doesn’t just hold – that’s ego. Love liberates. It doesn’t bind. Love says…”I love you. I love you if you’re in China. I love you if you’re across town. I love you if you’re in Harlem. I love you. I would like to be near you. I’d like  to have your arms around me. I’d like to hear your voice in my ear. But that’s not possible now, so I love you. Love liberates” – Dr. Maya Angelou

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I recently met someone who had always dreamed of moving to North America and pursue her passion for the arts. One day ie. in this day and age, in the midst of  a looming recession and unemployment rates soaring to heights never before seen , she quit her job, packed her bags and got on a 10 hour flight to a land that spoke a language foreign to her own and a place where she knew no one.

Now this is easier done when you are an eager teenager or younger adult, not so easy when you have always lived in the comfort of your home country, surrounded by family and friends and a familiarity which makes life feel safe in spite of all uncertainties.

I looked at her a little surprised at how easy she had made the transition seem and how well she was adjusting 4 months into her bold step. When asked how she managed to mentally make this move what with all that is going on globally, her response: “We all have dreams don’t we…and I just wanted to try…i wanted to take a leap of faith and see where life would meet me. I just knew something would happen for me and if it didn’t at least I tried.

If I decided to meet each new day with determination and desire to take bold leaps into the unknown inspite of all that is going on around me, I too, would discover what that something is that will happen for me…and you would too. Let’s test it and see.

PS: We don’t all have to quit our jobs and get on a flight to an unknown land if that’s not what life is calling us to do. ijs