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{Journal Entry}:Winter, The Qualifier!

weighty-peopleRegardless of the weather conditions you’re presently experiencing or the predictions from the experts regarding the forecast for the days ahead, one thing is for sure: Tommorrow Is The First Day Of Spring! Tonite marks the end of a season.

We made it! No I am not only referring to enduring poor weather conditions and too many delays and interruptions to name. What I am referencing is an end to the season where nothing appeared to be growing, while in fact the roots were spreading in the foundation and the atmosphere being prepared to be fertile enough to see this through to fruition. I liken this to the winters in our lives. The times when we appear stuck, uncomfortable, or simply close to watching the apparent death of our dreams.

I have learned over time to become observant during these times as opposed to being in conflict with the idea that things are not moving at my speed. I try to find the lesson in the season and how to move the wheels forward at a speed most comfortable to a Caribbean born girl who hates the winter chill. This time, I looked at it a little differently. I took in the storms. Stilled the cold winter nights with hope and buried my fears in the believe that all things are possible. And they are. When they don’t come together as I’ve planned, there is simply a greater plan at work on my behalf for which I may not be ready or the time not quite right. So I turn my heat up and sit through the winter days and nights, knowing that there is a beginning and an end and indeed this too shall pass. Don’t they all pass? As if before blossomming into full bloom, winter is the qualifier.

As I think on all that has been this season, I can see lessons and tests that have been repeated between last winter and now. Thankfully the student was finally still enough to engage in life versus react to it in a fight. Getting out of my own thoughts had me laugh a little more, grow a bit more and embrace change and that which is different with less fight. I showed up for the Winter semester and took notes during the courses it taught. Tonite as we sit on the eve of Spring, I give winter a deep sigh. This time I’m thankful for what it taught and excited to see what the preparation was for. Let’s face it, nothing just happens for no reason.

Connecting the dots….ahhh yes, Hello Spring!


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{Journal Entry}:Your Move

485760_435124806550730_1226882665_nIn any sport whether it’s baseball, basketball, tennis and even the game of life, you know when you’re up…when its your turn to step up to the plate, get on the court and simply perform. At times you may be called on to inject new energy into the game or take the game in a new direction, at other times you are called on in the last 36 seconds to repeat your game winning shot. In the thick of things your confidence in knowing that you know the next step to take to propel “Team You” to a victory is what has you in the game. Likewise in the game of life where ever you find yourself  time has placed you there as you are qualified to lead “Team You” to a win. Where things get a little hazey is when our vision gets clouded with doubt or we reach out to friend A,B & C to tell us what to do. Slight pickle: They’ve never played this game before and even if they have everyone plays at their own level and their strengths position them for different positions. In between your calls for help, your intuition keeps trying to get your attention. Buried beneath your extended inactivity caused primarily by the fact that you’ve convinced yourself that you don’t know what you indeed do know, is the whisper of wisdom directing your next move.

The game of life brings with it new scenarios for us to navigate through each day. As a recovering “playing it safe” addict who needs to have all the answers before moving forward, I’m all too familiar with wearing “I don’t know” out in fear (yes, I dropped that ‘f’ bomb in here), that it’s the wrong decision. I’ve so often been reminded that there really is no right or wrong choice…Some roads just take you the long way around. Life always has a way of bringing things full-circle connecting you with what has been lined up for you. Choosing to not make a choice causes life to come to a halt. You’re waiting for a sign or what sounds like the perfect thing to do…and life is waiting for you to make a move. Take it from a recovering addict: the more things you do to scare you, is the more you will grow your “Bold” bone. You can’t lose. You can’t make a play that kicks you out of the game with destiny. Even when it appears that you’re loosing, once you’re still in the game (ie. alive) you have a chance. So go easy on the paranoia trying to scare you into believing that someone else might get what’s for you or that there’s a decision you could make that could take you out of the running for all that has been lined up for you before you were even born. Steady your focus and follow your internal voice leading you through your next game. Sometimes you will be the hero who won it all, at other times you’ll be the person who just by being yourself became a critical part of the supporting cast. Even if (and when) you happen to find yourself being the person who lost the game, at least you showed up to play. For every game we engage in, we’re many steps ahead of choosing to sit on the sidelines of safety. As for me and my house, we’ve said a prayer:

You’re up!

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Journal Entry:{Coming Up For Air}

Coming_up_for_Air_by_nxxos1Sometimes just as you feel that you’ve finally been given a chance to come up for air; when the tides of live have calmed a tad and you are back to swimming upstream with less opposition, out of nowhere the current changes strength & direction and you are back to survival mode…simply trying not to drown. But doesn’t that go against the Law of Attraction: I think positive things, believe them, work towards them and they will come into my life? You may even from time to time find yourself questioning sowing and reaping…looking around, you wonder–what exactly have I planted because this harvest is anything but what I’ve been expecting?  Helllooooooo?

So we find ourselves hanging on to 1/10th of a mustard seed, everyday telling ourselves that today will be the day and then at the end of that day..that week…that month….8 months later…for some things – years later, we have that second where we think: I know it’s possible, but will this really happen for me? I want to make it to a place where I see my dreams–those things which if  i shared them with anyone else, it would be cast in the lot of “what’s not possible”. But before you speak it, may be you’re right and this life I dream of and goals I believed so attainable, really are not coming to fruition. There’s something so very uncomfortable about feeling stuck, that it drives us to either move prematurely or get comfortable in the discomfort that we never move. PLEASE PARDON THIS DELIBERATE INTERRUPTION on your swim down the unknown stream. I’m here to tell you, yes it will. But you’ve got to stay in there and by that I mean fully show up each and everyday as if yesterday didn’t happen. Other than the lessons it taught, we take nothing else with us. It’s already difficult enough to keep yourself  afloat, add extra weight/baggage and you have lessened your chances of survival. Surely that’s not your intention.

This has definitely been a time that for some has marked more losses than gains. We have not just been brought to tears, we have been taken to the end of ourselves as we once knew it and required to function at a new level of faith. You have absolutely nothing in sight to believe that anything is happening anytime soon, or period. But you’re still holding on. We’ve been challenged more than any other recent time we can remember, and as life continues to prune us firstly by keeping us on our toes and secondly by taking us out of our familiar (whether in thought, location, obstacles or demands), know that its all not happening just because… but rather it’s getting you ready for the very thing you’re hoping for.

So as much as you and I would appreciate some time to indulge in a good ole pity party, life turns off the music and reminds us of our two choices: murmur about where you are and what you’re going through, and be sure that things will stay just as they are. Or, wake up each day committed to pushing through…moving against the current knowing that there must be something that fabulous why all forces are trying to keep you from it. We woke up this morning, which meant we made it to the starting line-up. We made it through the day which qualified us to still be in the race. When we wake up tomorrow morning, know this one thing: you’ve still got a good shot at this. If not, you wouldn’t be here. While today is more or less over, promise tomorrow, that when you wake up you’ll be back in the game. Mentally & Physically present.

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{Journal Entry}: We’re Having A Baby…

3268132440_eafffe4a88I saw old friends recently who were beaming from the arrival of a dream snuggled in a stroller before them. For me, their story will always serve as one of the examples life showed me on the cost we at times must pay inorder to claim the prize. I was privvy to the price they paid to push that stroller and the choices that had to be made to eventually enjoy a day they were told would never come. I correlate their tale to the walk we at times have to make to accomplish our own dreams – whatever they may be. I at times have thought that the formula was quite simple: you plant the seed, water it, and at some appointed time it comes to fruition. Isn’t that the way it works? You master the art of doing “all the right things” – and wait in expectation that the vision board images will leap straight into reality and our vision statements and timetables will go from our lips to God’s ears into reality. Then comes the time…the appointed season when there is no fruit to show for the effort, and I ask you then, in that moment…months and years later since you saw the vision and felt the first kick- what do you do?

romantic-cocktails-chocolate-mandarin-dream1Well, here we were on a warm summer afternoon silently reminiscing about the process they endured to keep smiling through all of the miscarriages. The faith they found from somewhere to keep going after hearing repeatedly “it’s medically impossible for you to carry a child”. The stubborn desire that lead them to different specialists in a hunt to find the one who believed that her egg would connect with his sperm and a baby would result and she would carry it full term and beat the odds. What do you do when all you invested financially and emotionally begins to fail right before you or there is simply no indicator that an impact of any kind has been made to bring you to your dreams destination, or at the least getting closer?

Well, here before me stood two parties and one resting who in a year or two would be able to stand and let her own vocal chords be heard and understood – serving as a testament to what 5 years of waiting, believing while apparently failing, functioning as if things were possible when they had no physical evidence…no sign to think that all the specialists that money could buy, could be wrong. But they had a hunch…actually a desire so deep that connected to the will to want something so badly that they took no-no’s as an answer. The only people (doctors included) that they allowed to be near the dream carrier, were those who believed she could. They separated from the things in life – even the good things, that really were not contributing to creating the environment in which this dream could be nurtured through all the stages and develop as it should within the nine month incubation process. Stress and worry they realized were there enemies and decided that even their own internal negative voices had to be kept at bay. They were in this for the long haul and more than anything else they wanted this to come to pass. On the same team they were pregnant in thought before they had the proof. They spoke nothing other than a day when their dream would be realized.

Their formula , like ours: Decide and finally agree that with or without physical evidence or a sign, just know that – that which has been spoken in your life and so strongly connects to your heart will come to fruition. No wavering. As in that slight shift from faith to doubt, life tests the strength of the dream in the incubation process. Not every seed makes it through the temptations of uncertainty. The journey is until due season – we unfortunately don’t set the date, but our full participation from beginning to end is required. A price has to be paid and it takes a journey to get there. A support system that understands helps–pick them wisely. You’ll be too pre-occupied in ‘fighting’ for your dream to spend time or energy to convince anyone around you–yourself included, of what has been spoken. Know that there will come a time during the process when what you know and believe for sure will be tested and in that moment, you will be required to speak confidently about what you believe…no support system then – the light will be on you and you must speak of the promise that was long planted and the fruits it will bear. NOW is the time. The time for us to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that indeed we are ‘pregnant’ and whether we are in the first trimester or the last, we are scheduled to birth something that we have been carrying. Move confidently knowing that your dream needs to be nurtured and your delivery date is on the schedule. Not your schedule. But a time perfect for its arrival. Congratulations, You’re having a baby!

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Journal Entry: {The Ripple Effect}

Drop the bags carrying your fears – the total sum of the things we’ve packaged as “things we just don’t do nor will ever try” – and with good reason  well so we tell ourselves…no really, it’s just as simple as taking the first step towards something we have long told ourselves we can’t do. It could be simply running a mile before work, or getting back on a bike after an accident. On the other hand it could be something as grand as going skydiving when you’re afraid of heights, keeping your feet on the ground but allowing your heart to take flight as you trust love to take you where it may but you’re afraid of being hurt. So you keep your dreams and all that you could be tucked into the safety zone, and whatever energy you lend to fear it makes one promise – and that is to always multiply a few times over in other areas of your live.

I came to the realization recently that the internal war between a voice vying to be freed and the growth and opportunities that would come forward from new opportunities are being held captive by the power I’ve given to the fear of things that aren’t even real – well, they lack supporting facts to be anything but a thought at the moment.

What if I try…what if at the least I Spring forward in the belief that the only thing stopping me is myself or the belief in the power of an idea that I have no reason to believe even exists, just incorrectly framed on the wrong side of  “what if”. So a part of the solution I have found is to  start de-programming my mind so that it steers me to think first of what if this completely blows my wildest expectations as opposed to what if it all crumbles.

 While Springing forward this year, i’ll be backtracking to the things I placed on the backburner in fear that they may result in failure. The fact is, the fears from the past are slowly colliding with the present, and living in “shoulda-coulda-woulda’s” is to try and function in a world where I am tormented by something which is nothing more than confirmation of a weak thought. When I align my thoughts with the facts of who I really am, what won’t I do?

Regardless of  the outcome – it has been proven that the risk we take each time we follow our heart seals our self-confidence in the tried and true of what really matters. We followed our hearts. Overcame a fear or two. Proved to ourselves that we are stronger and wiser than we ever thought we were. The ripple effect of moving toward a fear, is to watch the grip of other fears start to fall by the wayside.

Here’s to the ripple.