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{Journal Entry}:Winter, The Qualifier!

weighty-peopleRegardless of the weather conditions you’re presently experiencing or the predictions from the experts regarding the forecast for the days ahead, one thing is for sure: Tommorrow Is The First Day Of Spring! Tonite marks the end of a season.

We made it! No I am not only referring to enduring poor weather conditions and too many delays and interruptions to name. What I am referencing is an end to the season where nothing appeared to be growing, while in fact the roots were spreading in the foundation and the atmosphere being prepared to be fertile enough to see this through to fruition. I liken this to the winters in our lives. The times when we appear stuck, uncomfortable, or simply close to watching the apparent death of our dreams.

I have learned over time to become observant during these times as opposed to being in conflict with the idea that things are not moving at my speed. I try to find the lesson in the season and how to move the wheels forward at a speed most comfortable to a Caribbean born girl who hates the winter chill. This time, I looked at it a little differently. I took in the storms. Stilled the cold winter nights with hope and buried my fears in the believe that all things are possible. And they are. When they don’t come together as I’ve planned, there is simply a greater plan at work on my behalf for which I may not be ready or the time not quite right. So I turn my heat up and sit through the winter days and nights, knowing that there is a beginning and an end and indeed this too shall pass. Don’t they all pass? As if before blossomming into full bloom, winter is the qualifier.

As I think on all that has been this season, I can see lessons and tests that have been repeated between last winter and now. Thankfully the student was finally still enough to engage in life versus react to it in a fight. Getting out of my own thoughts had me laugh a little more, grow a bit more and embrace change and that which is different with less fight. I showed up for the Winter semester and took notes during the courses it taught. Tonite as we sit on the eve of Spring, I give winter a deep sigh. This time I’m thankful for what it taught and excited to see what the preparation was for. Let’s face it, nothing just happens for no reason.

Connecting the dots….ahhh yes, Hello Spring!


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When Life Plays The Game Of Musical Chairs

MLK__1I recently headed to my dentist appointment expecting a few things: that the routine would be the norm – same faces, new jokes and great times spent with a friend…yes, my dentist is awesome.

I walked in, was applauded for being on time, saw a new face I thought nothing of, was walked into my room, seated and then told that the dentist who would be seeing me today was not only new, but had just bought the practice.

Mouth-wide open. Literally.

Due to a car accident and the injuries that resulted, my former friend who once upon a time worked endless hours, had to do a little shifting: move his health to the forefront, which moved his career into a very far second place. I was stunned by the change but so happy to hear that he and his family had made it out of that tragedy all in one piece. Phew.

In walks the unfamiliar face I passed in the hallway – the new owner, who for the record looks my age or younger. As she talked about her passion for being a dentist and not being able to imagine doing anything else for the past 12 yrs of her life, I engaged her in a little Q&A in between my check-up. I tried to imagine what it must feel like to be under 40 and being given the opportunity to buy and run your own practice. While in school – did she envision that 12 years into her career, a life event would cause an opportunity of this magnitude to knock on her door?

Some labeled the series of events a tragedy.

But was this really a tragedy? Everyone walked away alive, but life as we all knew it switched gears. Their was a seat change. It reminded me of a game of musical chairs. But instead of stopping the music, it simply changed beats and two people were seated in positions that work best for them at this time. And as I sat there deep in thought in walks my former friend – who I’ve learned still comes in a few days per week. Happy as ever, that he still has time with the people who mean the most in his life and he still gets to do something he has done and loved his entire life. It’s not the change he planned for, but one that works for him nonetheless.

We never know when the beat will change in our own life and opportunity presented to us in the most unusual way. Will we be flexible in our thinking to see the opportunity in whatever scenario is presented to us? Or will we be so fixed on how and when things ’should’ happen according to our order, that we miss the moment time and time again?

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Scribbles: Changing Our Language

740421_476915695683134_262146829_oWhat if the only things standing between your dreams and experiencing the fullness from seeing them come to fruition, is your belief that they are possible and your confidence in the thought that they will happen for YOU?

What would happen if we changed our language, so that instead of speaking of things to come-with no real time of arrival included, or speaking of them as: “maybe” …”one never knows”… “I hope it x y z happens”, We started speaking as if we really did know? Being bold in both the dreaming and the speaking.

I was speaking with someone recently who rattled off a goal-list of things they just know are going to happen within the next 2 years. This refreshing encounter was a great reminder to speak our desires with such confidence that removes any possibility of failure resulting in our thought-life. We at times get bogged down with the details or reasons why things may not happen. But they may. Anfail our belief in either outcome, either brings your fears or your faith full-circle.

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Taking The Plunge!

MLK__1We can stand by and wonder or we can plunge in the pool of opportunity and take a chance to see where it leads. So often we subconsciously program our thoughts to contradict our hopes. We want one thing but allow our fears to appear very real by constantly rehearsing the different scenarios that may follow if we bravely take a step towards our dreams. What we don’t often realize is that even in our thoughts we have a choice. We can mourn something that hasn’t happened, as if it already has. Spending so much time dwelling on it that we think ourselves into sadness, hopelessness or ill-health caused by something that has yet to happen and in most cases won’t. Our alternative is the more attractive and less sought after idea to focus on our goals, knowing that regardless of how lofty they may appear to be or how unlikely it may be for those dreams to come full-circle (based on our self-imposed disqualifiers), they are more possible than our fears would want us to believe.

We all have moments when we think “it may not work”, and as quickly as we think that thoughtin the same act of urgency we need to replace it with “it will”. Under no circumstances must it be given a chance to take root. We’re in such a sensitive time that it brings much meaning to not being able to “…Afford The Luxury Of A Negative Thought”. The domino effect of thinking beneath your desired outcome only results with us spending time and effort to work through what we thought into our life, to get back on track with what we want in our life.

Taking that first step is usually the hardest, because it requires much faith to think ” in this step I will create the very thing I’ve been thinking of/dreaming of/planning for all along.” Even if it takes two steps or more, with each step in the direction of your dreams you’re one step closer.

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When Your Past Starts Knocking,Get Ready…You’re Really Close!

575139_440785839317360_687138598_n1When you’re closest to a dream, elements can sense it and with everything they’ve got they set out on a mission to delay you, distract you or have you denied your dream.

Let me preface this by saying that today’s post is not about the NFL, or a call that should/should not have been made during the Superbowl, or the innocent vs. the guilty. When all the confetti has been cleared and it finally surfaces what happened with the power outage what I will always remember is how the dots connected leading up to the big day and the story each person, whether coach, parent, siblings or athlete wrote in the history books.

So we have an athlete who announces that this is it, he will be retiring after his one last hoo-rah, and wants the ring to seal the deal. With the spotlight on him more than ever it brought his past-a-knocking. From angry tweets saying what he’s done, who he is and who he’s not, to the coverage about the story/the questions/the missing facts …all became a part of his present, so much so that even those who don’t follow football (hand raised) and had no idea what happened were able to see that though he was found not guilty-he was once again placed “under investigation” and being judged for all sorts of things.

A few days before the Superbowl there was an interview on the news covering the book that had been written about the past and the authors decision to now tell the story. For every question asked by the reporter, the response given was “you have to read the book to find out”. I remember well the reporter asking why now? Why not when it was fresh and the details even more heavily sought after? And I thought to myself, this is not an isolated incident that happens only to those in the spotlight or determined by what right/wrong we’ve done.

You have one foot in your future and as you’re about to move the second foot–your past says not so fast. You find things you had long been “tried” for and publicly and/or privately been persecuted for suddenly resurfacing in your life. The more you keep moving forward and ignoring the distractions is the more intense they become in an effort to intercept you from meeting your future. The past knows somethings that you haven’t yet fully grasped such as the magnitude of who you really are and the wealth of your future. For starters, you made it through the past-when you were really supposed to sink in it, so from trial and error it knows if it can stop you, delay you, defeat you or deny you by first convincing you that you have disqualified yourself from any kind of promising future – it would have won and cost you your own life…you would simply be breathing but not living.

Consider this the unplanned time out during the game. The moments when the lights went out, and this moment now marking the post-blackout quarter of your new day. Whatever you do, deny the past its power to prevent you from the dreams buried in your heart.

Just keep going…your past is only as powerful as you allow it to be.

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